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8 Things You Will Learn From Bridal Makeup Courses Bridal makeup courses are separate from any other type of make up course. They require a special type of application that will look great in videos, photos, and last for several hours through sweating and tears. Bridal make up is an especially challenging course since it takes time and patience to master the technique of applying make up for weddings. Messing up on one small detail could ruin a brides entire wedding, so bridal makeup courses are very detail orientated.

Technique is the first thing taught in bridal makeup courses. What strokes to use to apply foundation and other make up products. Using the right pressure to create certain looks, and how to make the face appear perfectly flawless are extremely important for the technique part...
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Mad Men: What Was Don Draper Watching on TV?

Last night on Mad Men’s season premiere, Don Draper, on leave from work to get his life together, is watching a TV rerun of Frank Capra’s Lost Horizon, a 1937 classic about five Westerners fleeing a civil war in China whose plane crashes in the Himalayas. The passengers are rescued by locals in great fur hats and taken to an idyllic place called Shangri-La, an Asian-Deco monastery where it’s always springtime, there's no crime or war, and sexual infidelity is a thing of the past (because if you want to sleep with somebody else's spouse, all you have to do is ask). In Shangri-La, aging, if it happens at all, takes place in slow motion: The head lama is more than 200 years old, but he doesn’t look a day over 110.

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