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8 Things You Will Learn From Bridal Makeup Courses Bridal makeup courses are separate from any other type of make up course. They require a special type of application that will look great in videos, photos, and last for several hours through sweating and tears. Bridal make up is an especially challenging course since it takes time and patience to master the technique of applying make up for weddings. Messing up on one small detail could ruin a brides entire wedding, so bridal makeup courses are very detail orientated.

Technique is the first thing taught in bridal makeup courses. What strokes to use to apply foundation and other make up products. Using the right pressure to create certain looks, and...
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Learn About Makeup Artist Schools In Chicago There are many different things you need to consider if you are looking at makeup artist schools in Chicago. Not only do you need to consider the fact that you are in a big metropolis trying to determine if the cost of the school is going to be worth the education you will receive or if it would make more sense for you to be able to go and attend the school in a suburb. Many of the makeup artist schools that are located right in Chicago will carry a reputation of having high quality and will be able to provide the level of education you in all likelihood are trying to find. Many times the reason that these schools are located in the middle of the larger...
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Media Makeup Courses Provide Another Avenue Into The World Of Hollywood Media makeup courses are a great way to break into the film industry if that is where you are interested in going. Sure, everyone wants to be another Jennifer Lopez or a Brad Pitt. Barring that, they want to be Martin Scorsese or James Cameron. However, media makeup courses provide you with a solid chance to enter the fabulous world of Hollywood makeup and to earn a real living in the world of film and television without the insanely long odds that you won't end up being of the tens of thousands of waiters or waitresses who is waiting for their “big break” in Hollywood. After all, not everyone goes to media makeup...
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Q&A For Attending The Best Makeup Artist Schools The best makeup artist schools are not the ones you are likely thinking of. Make up artistry is one of the most complex and artistic fields. Choosing one of the top schools can make a difference in your education as well as how well clients perceive you later on. There are plenty of top schools to choose from, so pick wisely and apply to them as you see fit.

Q: What disciplines are encouraged at the best makeup artist schools?
A: The best makeup artist schools focus on general art, chemistry, hair, fashion design, beauty courses, theater and acting, as well as art and design.

Q: What is the best makeup artist schools in Hollywood?
A: Joe Biasco...
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Students Move Through NVQ Beauty Course Quickly The opportunities for NVQ beauty course students has improved. There are no more schools available teaching these fundamental skills to help individuals to achieve the rank of NVQ within the beauty industry. Those who obtain this rank can then work in a variety of industries including within spas, salons, nail facilities and much more. However, with more individuals going back to school to improve their education or perhaps to get into a new career, there are now more people enrolled in this type of NVQ beauty course.

Why Enrollment Is Up

As the economic conditions in many areas has sagged, many people have taken to going back to school to learn...
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The Details on Sinead O'Connor's Shocking Makeover(s)

Since becoming famous in the '80s, singer Sinead O'Connor has remained consistent in two ways: Her refusal to shy away from controversy (see: Saturday Night Live, Miley Cyrus, etc.) and her instantly recognizable signature look (buzz cut, tattoos, strong brows). When I first saw the major makeover she underwent for her upcoming album, "I'm Not Bossy, I'm The Boss," I was speechless. Then this morning, another photo was released (that's it above) for her single—and I was speechless all over again. I tracked down two of the pros behind the images, photographer Donal Moloney and makeup artist Leonard Daly, to find out how the transformations went down.

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